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Report an Animal Health Concern or Room Sicklist

Please note: Animal Care Services does not treat privately owned animals or wildlife. If you need veterinary assistance for your pet or other animals, please contact the UF College of Veterinary Medicine at 352-392-2235.

The Sicklist form can be used to report:

  • Individual animal health concerns
  • A daily room Sicklist with no sick animals (when PI required to report daily)
  • An empty housing room you are required to report by ACS


  • Ensure you have the room number, cage card number, and rack coordinates (for rodents) or animal ID (for USDA species).
  • Mark the cage(s) of concern with one of the yellow Sick Animal Cards found in the room.
  • If a concern is noted, the ACS Veterinary staff will assess the animal and contact the lab.

If this is an emergency call the ACS veterinary staff immediately in addition to submitting a report.