Phone Number:  352-273-9230  Fax Number:  352-273-9323 Email:

Mailing Address:  University of Florida – Animal Care Services, PO BOX 100006.Gainesville, FL 32610

Business HoursMonday – Friday:  8AM – 4:30PM EST

Section Contact # Fax #
Associate Director’s Office 352-273-9245 352-273-9323
Breeding Services 352-494-5463 352-273-8336
Customer Service/Front Office 352-273-9230 352-273-9324
Diagnostic Laboratory 352-273-5904 352-273-5186
Executive Director’s Office 352-273-4166
Import/Export Services 352-273-8322 352-273-8336
*Veterinary Technicians 352-273-9587 352-273-9653

ACS Emergency Contact Information (After Hours)

Section Contact #
*After Hour Facility Supervisor 352-294-5271
*After Hour Veterinarian 352-273-6943
*Weekend/Holiday Veterinary Technician 352-273-9587 *forwarded to on-call tech

*Please note:  Animal Care Services does not treat privately owned animals or wildlife. If you need veterinary assistance for your pet or other animals, please contact the UF College of Veterinary Medicine at 352-392-2235.

Other Emergency Numbers

Other UF Emergency Contacts for your Reference Contact # Website
UF Facility Emergency (Fire, Flood, Chemical Spill, etc.) – On Campus 352-392-1111
UF Facility Emergency (Fire, Flood, Chemical Spill, etc.) – Off Campus 911
Environmental Health & Safety 352-392-1591
Student Health Care Center – Main Campus, Infirmary Building, 280 Fletcher Drive 352-392-1161
Student Health Care Center – Health Science Center, Dental Towers, 2nd Floor, Room D2-49 352-294-5700