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Biomedical Science Building X-Ray Irradiator

The Biomedical Science Building rodent barrier facility contains an x-ray irradiator available for use by PI’s. The X-RAD 350 is a self-contained X-ray system for delivering a precise, whole-body radiation dosage to specimens in a biological or small animal research laboratory.

For access to the BMS irradiator, you must:

  • Have rodents housed in the BMS barrier facility or request access for cell irradiation
  • Have completed the Online BMS Irradiator Training
  • Be approved on a protocol with Irradiation as a study role (myIACUC) or assigned to an Irradiation Procedure (goIACUC)
  • Have completed all facility access requirements
  • Submit a Special Training Request to schedule the hands-on portion of the Irradiator Training
    • NOTE: The hands-on training must be scheduled when the lab has animals requiring irradiation for study-related purposes. During the training session, ACS and EHS will walk-through the entire irradiation procedure with you to ensure the safety of the animals and personnel.
  • Submit an access request form for “BMS – Irradiator Use”. You will not be granted access to the BMS Irradiator until you have completed the hands-on training.
  • Once your PI approves the request, the ACS Front Office will verify that you’ve met the access requirements prior to approving the request.

If your animals cannot be housed in BMS you can reach out to EHS to discuss other irradiation options on campus by contacting Susan Stanford at: