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Rodent Import/Export & Quarantine Services

ACS coordinates all imports/exports for UF researchers.

Imports to UF

Before animals can be imported from an institution not on ACS’s approved vendor list, the Sending Institution will have to complete & return ACS’s Importing Rodent Record (provided by ACS) and provide the last 12 months of health reports. The documents and the health reports must be reviewed & approved by an ACS veterinarian. Shipment will be coordinated by ACS and Sending Institution. To protect the health of mice and rats housed in the rodent colonies at UF, Quarantine Procedures are required for the intake of rodents into UF colonies, and the transfer of rodents between UF rodent colonies.

Exports from UF

Before animals can be exported to another institution, ACS will provide animal information, facility information, and the last 12 months of health reports to the Receiving Institution for review. Once the Exporting Rodent Record has been approved by the Receiving Institution, shipment will be coordinated by ACS and the Receiving Institution.

If you have a myACS account, please login and access the Rodent Shipping Record under the Forms section.

The ACS Import/Export Coordinator can be reached at or 352-273-8322.