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Sterilization Services

Ethylene Oxide Gas or Steam Sterilization

Investigators with IACUC protocols can request to have items sterilized by ethylene oxide gas or steam. Please see the information below on how to use this service:

  • To request this service, first verify with the manufacturer that items are able to be sterilized either by gas or steam.
  • Package items in a sealed pack with a sterilization method indicator.  ACS can provide you with packs for an additional charge. Please contact ACS surgery for supplies if needed 273-5913.
  • Label the pack using the provided stickers in the Sterilization Service “Drop Off” bin located outside the ACS Vet Tech Office (CG73F).
  • Please allow 5 business days to process your request – A RUSH FEE WILL BE ADDED FOR REQUESTS LESS THAN 5 BUSINESS DAYS.
  • Once supplies have been sterilized, they are returned to the Sterilization Service “Pick Up” bin located at the ACS Vet Tech Office (CG73F) and your lab will be notified that the items are ready.
  • For information regarding fees, please visit the ACS Special Service Fees (Fees > Special Services > Surgery and search Autoclave or ETO).

If you have any questions or need to make special arrangements please contact: