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Rodent Surgical Suites (BMS & Communicore)

The BMS & Communicore rodent facilities are equipped with state of the art multi-user rodent surgical suites. Each suite contains 4 surgical stations available for Investigative staff to rent. The rodent surgical suites are furnished with four hydraulic surgical stations with adjustable chairs, four transport carts, a static rack for short-term post-op recovery and sinks.  In addition, the suite is stocked with many supplies needed to perform aseptic rodent surgery. The equipment & supplies included with each table rental are listed in detail at the bottom of this page.  Surgical stations can be rented by the hour or in 4-hour blocks. Please check the ACS Special Service Fees for current pricing.

  • To reserve a station requests must be submitted at least 48 hours in advanced and are subject to availability
  • A fee will be charged for requests submitted less than 48 hours before the requested reservation time
  • First time users will receive a brief orientation with a member of the veterinary staff on the use of available equipment
  • Requests will be confirmed via email. Contact the Vet Tech Office if you have any questions 273-9587

Each stainless steel, hydraulic surgical station includes:

  • Isoflurane anesthesia machine with attached induction chamber, nose cone and scavenging system
  • Clippers, glass bead sterilizer, surgical light, gram scale
  • One rodent cart for retrieving rodents from the housing area. This also functions as a surgical prep table
  • Access to a shared stainless shelf rack as a place to recover and monitor immediate post-op animals while you continue to work
  • Access to Snuggle safe™ heating pads to provide patient warmth during surgery and recovery
  • Access to a microwave (for heating the Snuggle pads and fluids)
  • Non-sterile PPE including Mask, Gowns, Gloves and head covers
  • A surgical supply kit that includes:
    • One container of Chlorhexidine Scrub and Sterile Saline (for surgical site prep)
    • 2×2 gauze pads  and cotton Swabs (for surgical site prep)
    • One pair of sterile gloves  (size 6.5, 7.5, or 9)
    • Four syringes (either 1cc or 3cc syringes)
    • Four needles (22-25 ga)
    • Thermometer  w/ Thermometer Sheath and Surgilube
    • Puralube  (protective ophthalmic ointment)
    • Absorbent non-sterile under pad