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Germ-Free Services

ACS Germ-Free Services breeds, maintains, and transfers your experimental, axenic/gnotobiotic mice to you anywhere on campus as needed, to include aseptic transfer to experimental isolators housed at CGRC.

Key Benefits

  • Experienced staff in gnotobiotic technique and rodent colony management
  • Extensive in house sterility testing
  • Restricted access area with dedicated trained gnotobiotic ACS personnel. Access to the online rodent database which shows current and past inventory, current and past weaning and mating records, new litters born, the ability to track lineage, and the ability to export information to excel for each individual rodent colony.
  • Access to our in-house breeding colony of Germ-Free C57BL/6J mice

Services Covered by Per-Diems

  • Sterility testing upon every isolator entrance
  • Breeding
  • Weaning
  • Ear tagging for identification
  • Timed mating
  • Aseptic transfer to experimental isolators
  • Tail biopsy with online submission forms so you can easily maintain records

Technical Services Performed on a Fee Basis

  • Special water and feed administering
  • Fecal collection
  • Inoculations (lab provides material)
  • Injections, sample collection, etc. (please contact for other potential experimental needs)

For more information regarding Germ-Free Services, please contact: