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USDA Covered Species Surgical Services

The ACS Surgical Facility is a full service, multi-room, dedicated, surgical suite located in the Communicore (HSC). ACS Surgical Services is available to provide surgical support to investigators for a variety of species and procedures including:

  • Surgical consultations and estimates for protocol and project development
  • Preparation and induction in multiple species including pigs, livestock, cats, dogs, and rabbits
  • Anesthetic monitoring including veterinary anesthesia monitoring equipment and blood gas analysis
  • Technical support by specially trained veterinary technicians
  • Clinical veterinarian assistance with protocol and procedural troubleshooting
  • Full surgical support
  • Additional services such as surgeon assistance may be available on a case-by-case basis

A preliminary meeting with the surgical team for new protocols requesting ACS support is required prior to scheduling. These services are typically in high demand and scheduling may require a few months advanced notice. Please call the ACS Surgery Office at 352-273-5913 for availability at your earliest convenience.

ACS Surgical Services is equipped to support everything from minor procedures such as catheter placement to the more advance surgical case involving cardiopulmonary bypass and organ transplants.

  • Surgical tables
  • Standard surgical instruments
  • Anesthesia machines w/ ventilators (supplies 100% FiO2)
  • Multi-parameter veterinary monitors
  • Cautery
  • Consumable supplies (drapes, gown, gloves, etc.)
  • Warming devices
  • Preparation of sterile supplies (steam autoclave, ethylene oxide sterilizer)
  • ABSL2 surgical suite available
  • Clippers
  • Digital radiography
  • Diagnostic ultrasound
  • Scales
  • IV infusion pumps
  • Suction

ACS does not rent out surgical space or equipment without veterinary technical support. Please contact the surgery team for details.

For more information or to schedule a meeting with the surgical team contact us directly at: