Training Classes for Investigative Staff

The Animal Care Services Training Staff offers both online and in-person training opportunities to all investigators and students for FREE! This training is designed to help the UF animal research community develop and refine essential technical skills to ensure animal well-being and regulatory compliance.

NOTE: Training courses are free; however, if you do not show up for class, cancel within 24 business hours of class, or arrive more then 10 minutes after the class start time, a cancelation free of $100 will be billed to your lab’s protocol.


Click the links below to register for training classes:

Rodent Biomethodology

This course is MANDATORY for research staff working with mice and rats.  It focuses on many essential technical skills including (but not limited to) rodent handling, restraint, and injection techniques.


Aseptic Technique

The online portion of this course is MANDATORY for all research staff participating in survival surgery and focuses on aseptic technique, surgical guidelines and strategies, incision and suturing information and post-operative monitoring. The three part wet lab (Rodent Anesthesia and Monitoring, Rodent Aseptic Technique, and Incision & Suture) are highly recommended. Please note, a rodent biomethodology wet lab must be completed prior to attending any aseptic wet labs.

*ACS Training is not hosting aseptic technique classes at this time. If you require training in this area, please submit a special training request for further assistance.


Mouse Breeding Online Module

This online module is MANDATORYfor research staff who will be breeding mice. This course focuses on reproductive biology, breeding systems, appropriate record keeping, factors affecting reproduction, and calculation of the Productivity Efficiency Index (PEI) for your colony.


Special Training Request

ACS will also provide custom, hands-on training for advanced procedures and techniques not regularly taught in our current courses. If you need assistance with any procedures not covered by the above courses, please submit a special training inquiry. Please note, rodent biomethodology wet lab must be completed prior to attending any special training requests. 

Email the training team ACSTRAININGCORE@ACS.UFL.EDU ASAP if you can not attend the wet lab you signed up for.