Zebrafish Services


ACS can maintain both adults (tanks with blue baffles) and larvae/juveniles (half-full tanks with yellow or green baffles) on a single system.

Zebrafish offer several benefits to researchers.  External fertilization, small size, rapid development, high fecundity (100-200 viable embryos per female per week), and optical transparency of embryos are some of the many advantages that allow for high-throughput, non-invasive in vivo observation and imaging during studies. 

Two levels of Zebrafish services can be provided:

Standard Husbandry:

  • Daily health checks
  • Feeding fish 2X daily
  • Filter (carbon and mechanical) and rack maintenance
  • Decapsulation of brine shrimp (weekly)
  • Daily hatching of brine shrimp
  • Preparation of powdered diets (through all stages of development)
  • Water quality testing
  • RO system maintenance
  • Cleaning of room and tanks

Colony Management Service:

  • Breeding and collecting embryos -includes culling unfertilized embryos
  • Preparing and shipping clutch’s of embryos
  • Line maintenance (similar to mouse breeding services)
  • Euthanasia
  • Quarantine of incoming lines
  • Other services per request (fin clip, IVF, bleaching embryos, etc.)

For more information on use of the ACS Zebrafish Services, please contact:  

Chad Rancourt  chad101st@ufl.edu  294-5290  or  Dr. Brooke Bloomberg bloomb@ufl.edu 273-9238