Aseptic Technique

*ACS Training is not hosting aseptic technique classes at this time. If you require training in this area, please submit a special training request for further assistance

This is a two-part track for research staff preforming survival surgeries with rodents housed in an ACS facility.  

1) First complete the MANDATORY online module designed to introduce trainees to the conduction of surgery in an environment in which the chances for microbial contamination have been reduced.  

2) After completing the online module for aseptic technique, both primary and assistant surgeons are strongly encouraged to register for the following three wet labs: Rodent Anesthesia and Monitoring, Rodent Aseptic Technique, and Incision & Suture. This series of wet labs focuses on animal preparation for surgery, surgeon PPE/gowning, anesthesia for rodents, aseptic technique, incision creation, suturing/wound clip application, and post-operative monitoring.

Online Module:

Wet Labs: