Rodent Biomethodology

This two-part track is MANDATORY for research staff working with rats and mice housed in an ACS facility.

  1. First complete the Online Module designed to introduce trainees to rat and mouse biological data and basic laboratory technical skills. This module will cover understanding of policies and regulation in animal research, appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), zoonotic disease, sex and age determination, rodent husbandry, common injection routes, blood collection techniques, UF record keeping and euthanasia for ACS rodents.
  2.  After completing the online module for rodent biomethodology, please register for the species-specific hands-on wet lab. This wet lab focuses on essential technical skills including rodent handling/restraint, UF daily health check observations, sex identification, intraperitoneal and subcutaneous injection routes, nail and teeth maintenance, ear tag/ear notch application and euthanasia by CO2 asphyxiation. If you work with both rats and mice, please plan to take both the rat and mouse species-specific wet lab.