FAQ – Miscellaneous

I only work outside ACS facilities and need to get rid of carcass materials/tissues. How can I arrange for this? Does it cost anything?

ACS does provide this service to users outside of our facilities. You can contact the AD of Operations at 352-273-9242 to coordinate this. There is a fee for this and a contact name/protocol will need to be provided.

I have extra animals that I won’t be using. How can I find out if anyone else may be able to use them?

The ACS Front Office Staff can help with this. Please send an email to ACS-Office@acs.ufl.edu with the following information: Number available, Gender, Strain and cage card number. Let them know if these are naïve, and if not, what procedures have been done on the animals.

They will try and find another investigator who can use them. If someone is found, they’ll let you know and submit a protocol transfer for you.

I need my animals to be housed in a different room and/or building. What do I do?

Submit an Animal Relocation Request form for ACS Veterinary review. Login to your myACS account. Go to the Forms sections, select View Forms, and select the link. Fill the form out and submit it. The form will be sent to the ACS Front Office and they will distribute for approval.

What is a Special Services Request?

You’ll need to fill one of these out when requesting supplies/services not covered in the per diem or technical/veterinary care support. Login to your myACS account. Go to the Forms section, select View Forms, select the “Special Services Request” link. Select either the Husbandry Special Service Request form link or the Technical/Veterinary Special Service Request form link.  Fill this out and submit it. The Husbandry Special Service Request Form will be sent to he ACS Front Office and they will distribute for approval. The Technical/Veterinary Special Service Request will be processed by the ACS Veterinary Technician staff.

Does ACS have policies on overcrowding of mice/rat cages and other things pertinent to working within the vivarium?

Yes. Login to your myACS account. Scroll down to the Resources section, and select the “Policies” link to find ACS policies.

I cannot remember whether I submitted an Animal Relocation Request. How can I find out?

Login to your myACS account. Go to the Forms, Submitted Forms section. Here you will find all of your forms submitted and can check on the status.

I was told our housing room will now be locked. How do I obtain a key for this?

The ACS Front Office distributes keys for most of the facilities. Please contact them at ACS-Office@acs.ufl.edu or 352-273-9230 and they’ll let you know if they have the key in stock. You can then check the key out with them.