FAQ – Facility Access

Someone has left our lab, and we need their facility access deactivated. How do we request this?

Login to your myACS account. Go to the Facility Access Section, find the person on the list and select the “Request Deactivation” link under the termination date column. An email will be sent to the ACS Front Office.

We have a new lab member who is being added to our animal use protocol. What do they do to gain facility access?

Refer them to the Request Facilities Access section of myACS (before logging in): https://acs.ufl.edu/?page_id=6 . They’ll need to complete the requirements, and complete the Facility Access Request.

Once they submit the Request the PI will be sent an email alert asking them to review/approve it.

Once the PI approves it, the ACS Front Office will verify that they’ve met the access requirements, and the person will be cleared for a facility tour.

On the date/time the tour is given, access will be given.

I work for multiple PIs within the facility. Do I need to submit facility requests for each one?

Yes, you do. The request is found under step #4 under the Request Facility Access section of myACS (before logging in) at: https://acs.ufl.edu/?page_id=6.

I submitted a facility access request several weeks ago and haven’t heard anything. Who can I contact about this?

Please contact the ACS Front Office at ACS-Office@acs.ufl.edu or 352-273-9230.

My PI just got an email alerting them that someone has requested facility access.  What do they do?   

Please have them go to: https://acs.ufl.edu; click on Login to myACSV2 now; login using your Gatorlink username and password; select the Facilities Access tab (top right); click on Record ID ; review the request and approve as applicable.