FAQ – Cage Cards

I just checked out a cage card and I’m not sure if it got checked out. How can I verify the card has been checked out?

Login to your myACS account. Scroll down to the Census Section, select the “View Cages Checked out this Month” link and you’ll see all of the cards checked out during the current month.

I need to get the cage card history on a cage card I checked out 6 months ago. Where do I find this?

Login to your myACS account. Scroll down to the Census Section. Select the “Search Cage Cards” link. You can search by Cage Card Number, Cage Card Request or Order Number.

I noticed that our myACS census shows more cages than we actually have in the room. Who do I contact about this?

Report any discrepancies in your census to the ACS Front Office.

I’m filling out a Cage Card Request (CCR). Do I need to write in the quantity of mice/rats in the cage?

Yes, otherwise the card is created with the default of 5 mice or 2 rats per cage.

I’m filling out a Cage Card Request (CCR). When do I select Separating?

When the mice/or rat had already been weaned from the mom and/or deducted from the protocol, you select separating. You can only separate using a CCR when staying on the same protocol. If they are going to a new protocol a Transfer of Animal Ownership for Non-USDA Regulated Species will need to submitted/approved.

I’m filling out a Cage Card Request (CCR). When do I select Weaning?

When the mice and/or rat is being weaned from the mom; they are deducted from the protocol at this time.

Is there a place I can write in my notes on a specific cage card electronically?

Yes. Login to your myACS account. Scroll down to the Census section. You’ll need to find the specific card by clicking on the “number” link under Total Cages or “#” of Active Cages specific to a protocol, select the card, select Edit and then type in your notes. You’ll see these notes in the table specific to number of cages by protocol.

Why is it important to verify that cage cards have been checked out?

If a card stays in census, you’ll continue to be billed per diem. You don’t want to pay per diem on a cage that is no longer here.

I need to check out a cage card, but I don’t have the barcoded card yet.

You can either leave your “non-barcoded” card with “SAC and the date” written on it at the checkout station cage card box or contact the ACS Front Office with this information at ACS-Office@acs.ufl.edu or 352-273-9230. The card will then be checked out and backdated to the date written on the card. If no date is written, it will be checked out on the day the Front Office receives it.

Can I leave pups in the same cage as the mom or add them to an existing cage at weaning age?

Ideally pups should be weaned out into their own cage, so they will be deducted from the protocol. If they have to stay with the mom or be added to an existing cage, we require you to write out a new CCR for the “new” quantity in the cage indicating the existing quantity as separating and the quantity of pups as weaning then checkout the existing card that had been the moms.