FAQ – Accounting

How do I dispute my invoice?

Login to your myACS account. Go to the Financial Section.  View the Invoice, select the “Dispute this Invoice” link, select the category and type in your explanation.

What are chartfields?

Chartfields are the accounting codes in Peoplesoft. We need these so we can be paid for our services. Login to your myACS account.  Go to the Financial section, select the “Manage Chartfields link” and enter them here.

When does per diem start being billed?

The per diem starts on the effective date of the cage card.

Where do I find copies of my ACS invoices?    

Login to your myACS account. Go to the Financial Section. Per Diem invoices start with “ACS”; Animal Order invoices start with “AO”, Breeding Invoices start with “BR” and Special Services invoices start with “SS”.

How do I split payment for one invoice?

Send an email to: ACS-Payments@research.ufl.edu with the invoice number and how you want the lines split.