Facility Access

Facility Access Requirements for anyone working on an animal use protocol and entering the ACS’ facilities:

1.   You must be approved on an active IACUC protocol.

  • Protocols can be accessed at my.IACUC.ufl.edu.
  • ALL required IACUC training must be completed 
  • Personnel changes require a modification to a protocol.
  • If you have any questions, the IACUC can be reached at 352-273-9535

2.   Current enrollment in the Animal Contact Program. Complete the Risk Assessment for Animal Contact paperwork or Risk Assessment for Animal Contact RENEWAL paperwork

3.   Complete the Animal Awareness Seminar & Facility Specific Auto Tutorial.

  • To find the courses Login to myUFL.  Go to Main Menu, My Self Service, Training and Development, My Training Enrollment or login in at:  mytraining.hr.ufl.edu.
  • Search by Course Code using the Search function (top right corner).  Once the course comes up, go to the blue Select button and click on Start in the drop down menu.
  • Animal Awareness Seminar – Course Code:  UF_ACS800_OLT
    • Required by all who work within the ACS’ managed facilities
  • Biomedical Sciences Building (BMS) – Course Code:  UF_ACS804_OLT
  • Cancer Genetics Research Complex (CGRC) – Course Code:  UF_ACS803_OLT 
  • Communicore Infectious Disease – Course Code:  UF_ACS807_OLT
    • Applies to working in any ACS’ ABSL mouse and/or rat housing area
  • McKnight Brain Institute (MBI) – Course Code:  UF_ACS805_OLT
  • Non-Barrier Rodent Facilities – Course Code:  UF_ACS806_OLT
    • 6105, Communicore, CVM, FSHN, P143, P145, Progress Park, Psychology & PST mouse and/or rat users are required to take this course
  • Please note that there is no auto tutorial specific to large animal use. We will work with these users individually specific to the species they will be handling.

4.   Complete and/or follow up on your Facility Access Request form here:  Facility Access Request Form (Gatorlink Required)

  • Upon request submission your investigator will be sent an email alerting them to review your request.
  • Once your investigator approves your request, the ACS’ Front Office Staff will receive it.  They can then verify that you’ve completed the access requirements and will contact you via email.
  • If you have any questions regarding your request, please contact the ACS’ Front Office at 352-273-9230 or ACS-Office@acs.ufl.edu
  • Please note: for MBI vivarium access, the MBI Restricted Access Request Form is also required:  http://mbi.ufl.edu/forms/.  The MBI Building Administrators will activate your Gator 1 card access after they’ve obtained their required approvals once your facility tour is completed.

5.   Tour

  • The tour is required after all above requirements are met. Once the ACS’ Front Office verifies that you’ve completed the access requirements, they will send you and the ACS’ Operations Manager an email stating that you are ready for a tour. The ACS’ Operations Mangers schedule tours several times a week and will work with you to accommodate scheduling.