Biomedical Science Rodent Surgical Suite

The new BMS Rodent facility is equipped with a brand new, state of the art multi-user surgical facility for Investigators to rent. The Surgical Suite is furnished with four hydraulic surgical stations with adjustable chairs, four transport carts, a static rack for short term post-op recovery and two sinks.  In addition the suite is stocked with most supplies needed to perform aseptic rodent surgery according to ACS guidelines. The equipment included in the rental fee consists of:

1- stainless steel , hydraulic Surgical station equipped with:

    1. Isoflurane Anesthesia Machine with attached induction chamber, nose cone and scavenging system
    2. Clippers
    3. Glass Bead Sterilizer
    4. Surgical Light
    5. Gram Scale
  1. 1- Rodent cart for retrieving rodents from the housing area. This also functions as a surgical prep table.
  2. Access to a shared stainless shelf rack that will serve as a place to recover and monitor immediate post-op animals while you continue to work.
  3. Access to Snuggle safe™ heating pads to provide patient warmth during surgery and recovery.
  4. Access to a microwave (for heating the Snuggle pads and fluids).
  5. Non-sterile PPE including Mask, Gowns, Gloves and head covers
  6. A surgical supply pack that includes
    1. 1- container of Chlorhexadine Scrub and Sterile Saline (for surgical site prep)
    2. 2×2 gauze pads  and cotton Swabs (for surgical site prep)
    3.  1- pair of sterile gloves  (size 6.5, 7.5, or 9)
    4.  4- syringes (either 1cc or 3cc syringes
    5. 4- needles (22-25 ga)
    6. Thermometers  w/ Thermometer Sheaths and  Surgilube
    7. Puralube  (protective ophthalmic ointment)
    8. Absorbent non sterile under pad. 

Surgical stations can be rented by the hour and also in 4 hour blocks. Please check the ACS fee schedule for current pricing. To reserve a surgical station send an email to  with “BMSsurgery” in the subject heading. The body of the email must contain the following information:

  1. Investigator ‘s name
  2. Name of person sending the request
  3. Protocol number
  4. Date(s) and block(s) you would like to reserve (AM, PM, ALL DAY or start time if scheduling by the hour)
  5. Phone number

Note: First time users will receive a brief orientation with a member of the veterinary staff on the use of available equipment and additional services provided by ACS.